Dialysis Treatment

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£100 1 day for 1 patient
£300 1 week for 1 patient
£1200 1 month treatment for 1 patient
£14400 1 year treatment for 1 patient

Health and medical services are currently in a critical situation requiring more funding due to limited resources. Due to this, there has been a reduction in medical services for Syrian refugees with life threatening medical conditions. Costs of treatment are generally expensive, and Syrian refugees cannot afford them without income and support.

The problem increases when patients suffer serious chronic diseases such as kidney failure. Kidney failure is considered a chronic disease requiring permanent and periodic dialysis, which is very expensive for non-insured patients. Patients need at least two to four dialysis per week and some routine medical procedures to ensure the patient’s continued response to dialysis sessions.  

Abdullah Aid are supporting over 100 patients requiring dialysis treatment.

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