Widow Support

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1. 1 Month Sponsorship
General £ 50.00
2. 1 Year Sponsorship
General £ 600.00
“One who cares for widows and the poor is like those who fight in the way of Allah or those who spend their days fasting and their nights praying.” [Bukhari]

Many widows today encounter challenges including economic hardship, injustice and are deprived from the community. As a result of this, widows often fall into depression and loneliness.

Our sponsorship will provide financial support to widows living in poverty. The sponsorships will help the widows to support themselves, their children and will assist in covering the household costs.

1 year sponsorship will receive a profile of the Widow they have been allocated at the beginning of their sponsorship.

All Widow Sponsorships will begin from June 2024.

Widow Support will be carried out in the following countries: Palestine, Sierra Leone, Tanzania & Yemen

Sponsor a widow today and help change a life!