Syrian Refugees

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Over ten years of conflict, Syria remains the worlds worst refugee crisis. More than 6.5 million Syrian refugees have fled their homeland while another 6.5 million are internally displaced. Majority of the refugees have taken refuge in neighbouring countires of Turkiye, Lebanon and Jordan. More than 70 percent of Syrian refugees are living in extreme poverty.

Poverty and unemployment are one of the biggest challenges faced by refugees. With lack of income, Syrians are unable to meet basic daily needs such as food, clean water, shelter, clothing and medication. This has led to an increase in child labour and exploitation. Abdullah Aid are supporting Syrian refugees with food, water, shelter, medication and treatments, education and empowerment. Your donations are helping save lives.

Through your generous support, we have already constructed over 1,700 homes for families living in tents and unimaginable conditions. Help us empower, educate and rebuild their lives