The Holy Prophet ﷺ, throughout His life, helped the needy and always instructed His followers to take care of their due necessitates. He ﷺ advised the entire Muslim Ummah to be kind and affectionate to the disadvantaged persons. On one occasion, the Holy Prophet ﷺ said to His Wife, Hazrat A`isha (R.A): “O Aisha, love the poor and let them come to you and Allah will draw you near to Himself.” (Bukhari)

Abdullah Aid is a UK-based international relief charity providing emergency relief in the UK and worldwide since 2015.

Motivated by Islamic principles such as generosity and selflessness, our mission is to fulfil sustainable solutions relating to health, shelter, education and empowerment which is achieved by providing emergency relief, food and medical aid to victims of natural disasters and conflicts and implementing income generation projects to help them gain independence.

Vision and goal:

To have a world where all people are empowered and that if there is any community that is suffering for any reason, we along with other charitable organisations can help these communities.


Our Promise:

We promise to take your donations and treat it as an Amanah (trust) and deliver it with the utmost respect and care. 

Our Projects:

·        Natural disaster emergency relief
·         Conflict zones emergency relief
·         Building shelters for poor families and for those who have lost their homes due to war and disaster
·         Building Masjid's and schools for prayer and education
·         Empowerment and income generation
·         Providing access to clean water and sanitation
·         Sponsorship of orphans
·         Providing medical aid to people in areas that struggle financially


Sharia compliance through consultation with well-known and respected local scholars;

Paper trail of all projects from start to finish;

Regular trustee meetings to scrutinise all projects;

Annual charities commission audit - Public Statement

100% donation policy;

Photo and video evidence of all projects


International offices:

Afghanistan, Tanzania, The Gambia, with UK as our Head office

The story behind the name:

Click here to read the motivational story why Abdullah Aid Charity was formed

Where we operate:

Click here to see where we work


Staff and Volunteers:

Chosen on their characteristics of being truthful and dedication to charity work.



All projects are overseen by the UK office from planning to delivery then signed off 



We at Abdullah Aid are privileged to have Mufti Ismail Menk as our Global Ambassador